Down East Region

Board of Directors

Randy Schiller


The president presides at all meetings of the Club. He supervises and coordinates the duties of all other officers. He also acts as Chief spokesman for the Club in all dealings with the public or other sports car clubs.

Brian Cashin


Assists the President in the performance of his duties. Shall act in place of the President in the event of the President’s absence, disability or disqualification. He is responsible for seeing that programs are planned for all meetings.

Steve Atwell


Shall have custody of all monies, debts, obligations, and assets of the Club. All disbursements must have approval of the membership. The Treasurer shall keep the club’s books of account on a fiscal year beginning January 1. He shall give a financial report at each regular meeting of the club.

Stan Roth


The secretary is an officer of the club who holds a seat on the Board of Directors. The Secretary maintains minutes of board meetings and membership meetings, and, together with the President, is responsible for the sending, receiving and maintaining official communications to and from the club.

Rod Carr  (Immediate Past President)

Laurel Townsend (Membership Chair)

Kevin Karnes (Webmaster)

Jennifer Reagan (Social Chair)

David Kennedy (ByLaws Review Chair)

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